The last Invasion of Britain 1797

Digital prints, A4  framed for sale  35.00 +postage
These prints were for sale in the Battle of Fishguard Exhibition in Tregwynt Mansion 21st/22nd of February

Fighting Ships of Fishguard                                                        Ghost Ship off Carreg Wastad                                                                The Landing

Researching the 'Last Invasion has been fascinating. Much of Irish history at the time is never taught in our schools.

I started from an initial queston 'Why did it happen?' which has taken me down many roads and in different time frames.

Being a ceramicist I wanted to make my Jemima and she was beginning to emerge in my mind as the archetype of a hard, Welsh, aged woman which I have seen throughout my life with a deference still to authority and a certainty of right of action. The light of past events shines in her and she is ready to move once again.
'Jemima Niclas 1832' in the Fas Summer Exhibition in Tregwynt Mansion
first stages

The writing below is a playlet written about Jemima in the year of her death, part researched from available sources and then using a writer's perogative to expand. It is by her side as a small book