Ian McMorrin  1938 -  2017
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           Link to online Book  Ian in Antarctica 1961-64
                                    This book is from personal letters to his parents in Zimbabwe and reports  from Antarctica

         I have uploaded the eulogies given by myself and our two daughters. Anna and Flora on November 4th. 2017  Link

     Gaynor McMorrin
Latest Pot


           Still painting sheep!

Paintings getting ready for Art in Picton in the Graham Sutherland Galleries, Picton Castle, The Summer Exhibition in Tregwynt Mansion and The Guildhall. Cardigan, Fishguard Arts Society Exhibitions


Enjoyed working on 'Fingers of  Land ' an extraordinary new piece by Jon Gower for  'Ar Ymyl y Tir' On Land's Edge. Working with Tim Wickenden we put together a film which roughly co-odinated with the spoken words.
The work used words to describe Fishguard, and Goodwick, it's landscape, it's history, both ancient and modern through lyrical poetry and drama which echoed the grandeur and familiarity of the place.
This was part of a new Festival which is hoped to run in future years using local voices, talents and skills. More about can be found on the Theatr Gwaun website.
Concurrently with it and until October 9th Fishguard Arts Society put on an exhibition of paintings and photographs which reflected the theme.

A new ceramic work for this year's Summer Exhibition in Tregwynt Mansion for FAS.

The Fraility of humans

This sculpture was for the FAS Summer Exhibition in Melin Tregwynt
held in the last two weeks of August.   Initial stages. The Aberbach Mermaid
Photographs of the Exhibition  and our Winter Exhibition in Martha's, Theatr Gwaun, Fishguard can be and our Zoom portrait drawing can be seen on


One of my delights has been walking the Wales Coast Path from Pembrokeshire to Chepstow, very slowly week after week,  except when I was in Mexico and India. The walk was driven by my lover and friend Clive Jones, who had already walked the top part from Deeside.
The walk, through varied landscapes and the difficulties we encountered, finding routes and time opened up for us more of the beauty and diversity of Wales.

Photos on here

Castell Talacharn

Putting figures into landscapes was one way forward for me to recognise the loss of human contact I was feeling during the months of isolation
we have experienced. Below are a selection of Life drawing figures pasted into an empty Fishguard...and a drunken Dylan Thomas

Work for the Christmas Art Market in Tregwynt Mansion. Our last display/exhibition 2019

 Fishguard Arts Society

Mexico. Part 1

The Last Invasion of Britain

Dylan Thomas

'The Japan Project'




Film Maker





Mexico writings on Mexico
Visting Mexco  again for a month in January/ February was so good. I cannot express enough my delight and love of the country and the people I know there.

'Anthropocene' is Europa being attacked by a dinosaur claw. I lleave this up as a statement on my view of wuthdrawing from Europe. I made it for the OpenArt 2016 Exhibition opened by Peter Lord, photographs can be linked to from:

Stoneware 'Train People' see the

'The Japan Project'

A film, by me, of this latest exhibition 'Dialogue' can be seen on:

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