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Link to online Book    -This book is from personal letters and reports
 from Ian McMorrin Antarctica 1961-64

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The Last Invasion of Britain

Dylan Thomas

'The Japan Project'



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In September we had a visit by four artists from Kyoto which is an extension of the Japan Project which has seen the Society take two exhibitions to Kyoto in 2009 and 2012. Four Japanese artists came to Pembrokeshire, Natsuki Kurimoto, Hiroshi Ueta, Makiko Berry and Naomi Ando
This project is a bridge for innovation and communication  Cross cultural working does have that novelty which we think began to meet our aims of intensifying the artists value and  their consideration by the wider community.

The AKIN Collaboation Exhibition in Tregwynt Mansion with works by FAS artists and by each of our Japanese artists was very successful with Hiroshi Ueta demonstrating Shodo at the Opening .A film of this and Shodo in the Bishops Palace, St Davids, Pembrokeshire can be seen on :-


Photographs from the stunning OpenArt 2016 Exhibition
opened by Peter Lord  can be linked to from:
My next Project is working towards the FAS OpenArt2016 Summer Exhibition in the historic Ballroom , Tregwynt Mansion.
A photograph of my ceramic workings can be seen below althoughmy musings on this are far from complete.
While I was working on my piece for the Exhibition the results of the Referendum on Europe were announced. I could not help but feel angry about it and I am still perplexed as to how so many people were seeing the referendum as either an attack on the conservative government or being driven by misinformation being put forward by a lying media guided by self serving politicians and not looking at the result or, if indeed, there was any proper coherent  plan for the UK outside Europe

Consequently my final piece. 'Anthropocene' is Europa being attacked by a dinosaur claw

Storms coming in over Pembrokeshire
this week


Stoneware 'Train People' see the

'The Japan Project'

A film, by me, of this latest exhibition 'Dialogue' can be seen on:

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